Detectives and Magicians

Engage little minds and get kids busy practicing letter and letter sound recognition with this super easy game. The only supplies you will need are:

  • dry erase board
  • dry erase marker
  • eraser (we use a little sock)


How to Play:
Begin by choosing the letters you want to review and write them on the board. I like to work with 3 at a time. Today I am reviewing the letters p, t, and f. I always include the uppercase and lowercase letter.


Detective and Magician 2 (2)


The game starts with the kids being “Detectives”. They are on the hunt for letters and letter sounds.
• Say a letter or letter sound.
• The child at the board finds that letter and circles it.
• The game continues until all letters have been circled.


Detective and Magician 3 (2)Detective and Magician 4 (2)









Now that all the letters are circled, it is time for the kiddos to become “Magicians“!

  • This time the child will make the letters disappear as you call out the letter or letter sound.
  • Continue with this until all letters have disappeared.


Detective and Magician 6  Detective and Magician 1

This game can easily be modified to practice other skills such as numbers and shapes.









  1. children love to learn when they think they are just playing a game. Keep learning fun and watch your students grow.


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