Number Recognition with Do A Dot Markers For PreK

Number recognition and one to one correspondence go hand in hand with this fun and interactive activity. Perfect for working on number skills and strengthening those oh so important fine motor skills.

There are so many ways to incorporate fine motor dexterity using this Dab A Dot activity from Once Upon the ABCs.

Count and color stars and use Do A Dot Markers

Little learners work on number recognition as they use Do A Dot markers to dab the dots as they fill in the numbers.

Have them say the number each time they dab their marker. You will be tapping into three learning modalities: visual, auditory, and tactile!

Mini erasers, mini tweezers, & Do A Dot markers

Practice one to one correspondence by adding different types of manipulatives such as Mini erases, google eyes, beads paired with mini tweezers and have them count each object as they place it on each star.

This is a great activity to help strengthen their pincer grip, the ability to grasp an item between the index finger and thumb. You will be helping your child develop the muscles in their fingers which will prepare them for future skills such as handwriting our buttoning shirts.

At Halloween it’s fun to mix it up and use fancy google eyes, mini spider rings (I cut off the ring part, so we just have the spider), or Halloween themed mini erasers.

Your kiddo can use tweezers, tongs, or even their finger to place the google eyes. Don’t forget to have him touch and count the eyes to practice his one-to-one correspondence skills!

Pom poms and mini tongs both found at the dollar store
Magnetic dots & wands

My PreK students absolutely love using magnetic dots and magnetic wands! Simply place a dish out with some dots and let them place a dot on each star. When they are done, they clear the board by swiping the magnetic wand over the stars to catch the dots!

Star Beads and Do A Dot Markers

supply some star beads and have your preschooler use his finger to pinch the tiny star beads and place on each star. This continues to strengthen those tiny finger muscles.

Manipulative Ideas

Check out the list below for some ideas on materials to use. I provided links to find these items, but many time you can find these items in the dollar store. Even better yet, get creative and find small items that you already have around the house like pasta pieces, acorns, smooth stones, or even mini toys.

There are so many ways to modify this activity. Mix it up and make it different each time to keep it new, fresh, and exciting for your preschooler.

Click here to find this Do A Dot Number Recognition Activity.

Click on image to find this activity by Once Upon the ABCs

I would love to hear from you in the comments below how you use this activity and the creative manipulative you use!

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