No More Flashcards ~ Sandbox Sight Words

get down and dirty with some sandbox sight word writing!

Let those little fingers get dirty and get them writing their sight words in some sand!

All you will need is a pencil box and some sand. You can find colored sand at your local craft store, or if you are in a pinch, reach in your pantry and grab some salt!


sandbox look

Place a sight word card in the lid of the sandbox.

Have them say the word, then spell it out loud as they are writing it in the sand, then say the word again. I like to let my kiddos use their fingers for the tactile element in touching the sand as they write.

My kiddos always like using their fingers but I find an unsharpened pencil works well for those little ones who are particular about getting their fingers dirty!

sandbox are

Notice, this sight word activity reaches several different learning modalities; visual (seeing the word), auditory (saying the word and spelling out the letters), and tactile (touching the sand and writing the word in it).

This activity is quite versatile as you can use it to practice a multitude of skills: sight words, ABC’s, number writing, shapes, writing CVC words. You name it I’m sure you can find a way to adapt this learning activity.

Just a Little FYI About Sight Words

Did you know that sight words account for 75% of children’s printed texts? Check out my previous post What Are Sight Words and Why Are They Important?

More Sight Word Learning Activities

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cookie sheet the
Cookie Sheet Sight Words




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