No More Flashcards ~ Cookie Sheet Sight Words

I love getting kids to play with words. The more hands on the better. Make it seem like play and they’ll be asking to practice their sight words!

So, are you ready to get your kiddos practicing those oh so important sight words?

Cookie Sheet Sight Words

This cute little hands on activity is super easy and gets your kiddos  working with letters and practicing those sight words.

cookie sheet the

Supplies Needed:
– cookie sheet
– craft sticks
– magnetic letters

How To Play:

  1. Decide on the words you would like your kiddos to practice and write them on your craft stick.
  2. Arrange the letters your kiddo will need to build the chosen sight words at the top of the cookie sheet.
  3. Let your little one choose a stick, look at the sight word, and read it. If she is not sure of the word help her read it.
  4. Then have her build the sight word and read it again!
  5. Once my kiddos are familiar with the word, I like to challenge them a little more by eliminating the sticks and telling them orally the sight word I want them to build. This definitely steps it up a notch!

You can also use this game to practice sight words, color words, numbers, word families… The choices are limitless!


Just a Little FYI About Sight Words

Did you know that when children are able to recognize their sight words, it not only increases their confidence in reading, but it can also boost their comprehension? Check out my previous post,  What Are Sight Words and Why Are They Important?

more sight word learning activities

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twister 2
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sandbox are
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  1. the more active children, and adults, are in their learning the more they own what they have learned. There are a lot of activities you can do with the craft stick words later too. They are great for playing “bang”, alphabetizing, book searches of the word, and so much more. keep motivating the learning process

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