Dental Health Preschool Activities

It’s February and we all know that means Dental Health Month for kids. Who knew you could have so much fun leaning about teeth.

Check out all the fun we are having with teeth this month in Pre-K.

Try out this hands on craft from Planning Playtime. Not only did our kiddos love making a craft with marshmallows, but they had a blast using a real toothbrush to brush their teeth and yarn to floss!

One of the favorite centers in our room is our sensory table, so needless to say we love this toothpaste letter hunt from Jackie over at Pocket of Preschool. Just fill your sensory tub with shaving cream, sprinkle on some liquid food coloring, and swirl with a toothpick. Add some plastic letters, colored water with droppers, and mini tweezers and your sensory table is ready to go.

Anoter great way to learn about flossing teeth is to use Duplo Blocks, Play Doh, and yarn. We put these materials out in our Art Center for Play Time.

Help your kiddos learn what foods are good and what foods are bad for your teeth with this little sorting game.

In math we used salt trays, added tooth shaped number cards, and practiced writing numbers with our toothbrushes and fingers.

Do you love to infuse great children’s literature into your lessons? Check out this post for an amazing list of 25 Dental Health Picture Books and FREE Printable Readers.

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