Rainbow Sensory Bin

Rainbow Sensory Table

We love our sensory table in Room 7. It tends to be one of our favorite centers in the room for our little learners, but if we don’t switch it up it tends to get old and interest fades.

We like to switch out our sensory table fillers and materials often. It varies depending on the interest of our kiddos. Sometimes our bin will remain the same for a month and other times we will need to switch it out after about 10 days. It just depends on the interests of our kiddos. If we find their interests are fading, we switch it up.

Orbeez water beads are always a hit with our kiddos and the rainbow Orbeez are a perfect fit for March. The kiddos love digging their litte hands in these squishy colorful beads.

Sprinkle in a few tactile letters to help build on letter recognition skills.

Add a few scoopers and a shovel for some fine motor skill strengthening.

And of course don’t forget to add a bucket or small containers to fill or to use for sorting those letters!

Orbeez beads are super tiny to start but expand drasticly when water is added. Be careful. It’s tempting to put too many Orbeez in the bin and then you will be in trouble. Remember, you can always add more later if you think there aren’t enough. When filling our sensory table we only used a tablespoon on each side. We added enough water to cover the beads completely. Once the water was absorbed we added a bit more water until those colorful little Orbeez were nice and plump. And presto you are ready for some fun sensory play!

Our Rainbow Sensory Table

Need some ideas for sensory bin fillers?

Hop on over to 100+ Sensory Bin Fillers for some ideas.

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