Spring Learning Activities for Preschoolers?

Trapped at home and looking for something to do with the kiddos during COVID-19? Here are some fun spring themed activities to do with you little love bug to keep them entertained and learning!

Go on a Spring Time Scavenger Hunt

Go on a Spring Time Scavenger Hunt ~ Grab a small bag, head outside for a nature walk, and have your nugget look for the following:

  • a twig in the shape of a y
  • a spider web
  • a feather
  • a ladybug (just your looking eyes for this one)
  • a maple tree seeds (Helicopter)
  • a flat rock
  • something green
  • an acorn
  • a leaf
  • an animal footprint
  • a round pebble
  • flowers
  • something fuzzy
  • a bird’s nest
  • moss
  • What can you add to this list?

Nature Sort ~ Have your kiddo sort their items from their scavenger hunt. Sort by color, texture, shape, etc

Create a Piece of Art ~ Use the items from your scavenger hunt to create art. Have your child create a poster or sculpture using their items.

Roll and Cover Flower Petal Counting Game ~ Roll a die, count the dots, and cover the number on the flower using a marker, crayon, cotton ball, sticker, or whatever yo have available. Repeat until you have covered the entire flower. Here is the free Roll & Cover Number Game printable from Preschool Play & Learn.

Roll & Cover Number Game
Preschool Play and Learn

Read Aloud ~ Watch this read aloud video Bugs, Bugs, Bugs by Bob Barner. Click here for video. During the video, talk with your child about what they see. (Ex. How many legs does the ant have?) ***Children should only use YouTube under supervision from parents. Please note that ads streaming vary and some may not be suitable for young viewers.***

Extend your read aloud experience withe your child and go outside to find some of the bugs mentioned in the book. Observe the characteristics of the bugs. (Ex. 3 body parts, 6 legs, 2 antenna).

Hide and Go Seek on a Map ~ Draw a simple map of a room in your house. Hide a toy in that room and have your child use the map to find the hidden toy. If this is too easy for your little nugget, try extending this activity by drawing a map of one level of your house instead of one room. Also, you can modify this activity if it is too difficult by giving verbal clues such as “The toy is under something you sleep in.”


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