21 Dinosaur Books For Little Readers

Dinosaur Bones by: Bob Barner

This rhyming book makes the connection between the once living dinosaurs and their fossil remains. It is filled with fabulous dinosaur facts that will intrigue the littlest of learners!

Dinosaur Explorer by: Dougal Dixon

Great informational text for young learners that introduces readers to 8 different dinosaurs. Each page includes facts and a picture showing the size of a dinosaur in comparison to a grown man. There is even a glossary of vocabulary terms at the end.

Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug by: Jonathan Stutzman

T-Rex is is always portrayed as a BIG, scary character, but not this time. All Tiny T. Rex wants to do with his his tiny little arms is hug his best friend. This endearing story of persistence, friendship, and acceptance is a great springboard for many important classroom discussions.

What Do Dinosaurs Do? by: QEB Publishing

This fun interactive book for little learners is sure to keep the interest of bookworms with push, pull, lift, and slide features on each page as readers are introduced to fun dino facts.

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates by: Ryan T. Higgins

How do you make friends with a class full of children when you are a little dinosaur and all you want to do is eat them? They are delicious of course. Use this story in the beginning of the school year or throughout the year to teach and reinforce important social emotional skills on friendship and self control.

How to Catch a Dinosaur by: Adam Wallace

This book from the “How to Catch” series is sure to delight your dinosaur lover as the characters wrangle up some prehistoric creatures. Children, parents, and educators alike will be entertained in this dino adventure. Great tie in to STEM.

Dinosaur Roar! by: Paul and Henrietta Strickland

Introduce the concepts of opposites and rhyming with this colorfully illustrated picture book.

How Do Dinosaurs Play With Their Friends by: Jane Yolen

Introduce those all important social emotional skills of appropriate social engagement with this fun and engaging book. I love that this is part of of Jane Yolen’s classic series “How Do Dinosaurs…”. Use these books throughout the year to reinforce social skills with your young learners.

One More Dino on the Floor by: Kelly Starling Lyons

I love combining math and literature. This dinosaur book is a wonderful counting book for those little dinosaur lovers. Win, win when you get two content areas for the price of one!

Ten Terrible Dinosaurs by: Paul Strickland

This is another great counting book full of bright and colorful dinosaurs. The surprise ending is sure to produce some giggles!

We Love Dinosaurs by: Lucy Volpin

A fun rhyming book that introduces wonderful descriptive vocabulary .

Fossil by: Bill Thompson

This beautiful wordless picture books takes you on an adventure with prehistoric creatures. It is sure to spark the imagination of the little dinosaur enthusiast in your life!

Dinosaur A-Z by Roger Priddy

Learn fun facts about dinosaurs as you romp through the alphabet!

Dinosaur Farm by: Frann Preston-Gannon

A farm full of dinos? Where are all the pigs, cows, and chickens? This farmer is kept super busy all day taking care of all his dinosaurs. Illustrations in this book are wonderful for encouraging learners to make inferences.

Bones, Bones, Dinosaur bones by: Byron Barton

Symplistic and rhythmic, this book beautifuly illustrates how paleintologists go about the process of finding bones and piecing together dinosaur skeletons for museums.

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs by: Byron Barton

Another one of Byron Barton’s simple texts is perfect for introducing young learners to all kinds of dinosaurs and there physical characteristics.

My Big Dinosaur Book by: Rodger Priddy

The name of this book says it all. Children learn about tons of different dinosaur speicies as they search for physical charachteristics of dinosaurs on each page.

Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs by: National Geographic

This is a wonderful non-fiction book to have in your collection. This book is chock full of beautiful images and facts about our favorite prehistoric creatures.

Tea Rex by: Molly Idle

Afternoon Tea with the Queen? No, try T-Rex! Young readers will delight in this whimsical story as this special guest tries to learn some manners.

Dinosaurs Love Underpants by: Claire Freedman and Ben Cort

This hilarious stroy is definaely not one that was written to fill young readers heads with knowledge and facts, but it sure will keep them laughing.

Rawr! by: by: Todd H. Doodler

Rawr! is an adorable story about a little dinosaur who is bigger than not just his classmates but his teacher too. A heartwarming story about being difference and accepting who you are.

I’d love to hear about some of your favorite dinosaur picture books! Which ones do you read in your classroom or at home with your little ones?

Find lots of fun and engaging dinosaur activities to do with your preschoolers here.

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