No More Flash Cards ~Play-Doh Writing

Thinking outside the box and beyond pencil and paper can help get kids excited about writing! Why not use Play-doh and let your kiddo explore writing in a whole new way? This is such a fun, playful way to practice those writing skills that your little one will forget they are even learning!

Set Up

Let your kiddo explore with various writing tools. We used pencils and toothpicks, but if you don’t have them handy there are a ton of other options. You can provide golf pencils, various sized dowels, twigs form outside, or even just a finger! They all work perfectly!

The Play-Doh offers a great sensory element as kids form their letters and numbers. I find that the softer Play-Doh works best. Older dough that is a little on the drier sided is a bit more difficult to work with. Try using a homemade play dough or a fresh can of store bought dough.

You can also use this for shape recognition and formation practice with your preschool child.

Work on name recognition and name writing skills. If your love bug is a beginner, write her name on an index card and allow her to copy it onto the Play-Doh. If that is still too difficult for her, lightly write her name in the Play-Doh and let her trace the letters you wrote.

Have your preschooler match uppercase and lowercase letters on flashcards and then use different writing tools to practice their letter formation in the Play-Doh.

Those older kiddos can practice writing their sight words. If you have an older elementary student in the family, why not let them practice their spelling words in Play-Doh! Mix it up on them and add an element of fun!

So many ways to vary this activity! Get creative. What other ways do you use Play-Doh to strengthen your little ones skills?

Looking for more ways to make learning sight words fun? Check out some other No More Flash Card ways to practice skills with your kiddo? Click on the links below to see some of my other posts on sight word activity with.


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